How to chop tofu?

You may well wonder: how do I chop a block of white tofu? Where do I begin? There are endless ways to do it and that is perhaps what makes it difficult. 

Here we help you to decide:

1. If you want to use a marinade, remember that the tofu needs to absorb it. The bigger the pieces of tofu, the less marinade they absorb. What the best size is depends on the recipe.

2. Think about how you want to prepare the tofu, and use that to work out what size you want. If you want to fry it, note that the thinner the tofu is, the crispier it will become. If you eati the tofu raw, it is good to cut it as thinly as possible.

3. Consider how you want to present the tofu. If you are making a snack, you want a shape that is easy to hold and looks good when you serve it.

Once have thought about the points above, you can start chopping. Use a long sharp (meat-)knife, and don't press, but let the knife glide through the tofu. If you fancy doing something else with your tofu, such as shaving, grating or pureeing it, click here.  

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