Pad thai

Dinner / Serves two / 15 minutes


125 g tofu (= ½ block) - salt and pepper - 3 Tbsp. Indonesian soy sauce - 160 g noodles - 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped - ½ red chili pepper, finely chopped - 2 Tbsp. coconut oil or sunflower oil - 3 eggs - 1 Tbsp. sesame oil - 50 g bean sprouts - 1 spring onion, finely chopped - 10 basil leaves - juice of half a lime

TIP: delicious with roasted peanuts!


1. Cut the tofu into small cubes and mix with the soy sauce; season with a little salt and pepper. Leave to marinate for 10 minutes.

2. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the packet.

3. Heat the coconut oil or sunflower oil in a wok. Stir-fry the cubes of tofu for two minutes until golden. Add the garlic and chili and stir-fry for another five minutes.

4. Add the eggs and sesame oil and stir until the eggs start to set.

5. Stir the noodles into the mixture. Divide between two plates or bowls. Scatter the bean sprouts, spring onion and basil on top and sprinkle with lime juice to taste.