Are you trying to eat less meat? Then you are a ‘reducetarian’. 

Many people find going cold turkey by immediately becoming a vegan or vegetarian is a step too far. The most difficult thing is: where do you start? According to Brian, the founder of the reducetarian movement, there is a large group of consumers who would like to eat less meat but want to do it one step at a time. He calls them reducetarians and he has created a movement around them. Anyone who finds it difficult to eat less meat can join. Members will receive a newsletter for 30 days and social media messages to encourage them.

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you can select your motivation: the environment, your health or animal welfare. You then choose the strategy you want to use: vegetarian on weekdays only, vegetarian for six hours, meatless Monday or another day, completely vegetarian or entirely vegan. And then you start. Want to take part? Click here.

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